dimanche 2 septembre 2012

K21 "Topographic Surveys (IMB1)"

K21 has been an active member of the French Rave-party movement since 1994, and has released several 12-inches on various underground labels.
K21's recent work focuses on exploring new directions of advanced instrumentation: from ambient to techno , from techno to industrial (check his releases on http://soundcloud.com/k21kroma
Listen to his selection of good eclectic music (Ambient, Idm, Dub, Electronica), on the road of things that pass, but never passes away...
Download the mix here:

01 Béla Bartok "Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta"
02 Village of Savoonga "Score"
03 Robert Fripp & Brian Eno "An Index of Metals"
04 David Morley "Subterranean"
05 Photek "The Fifth Column (dub edit)"
06 Llips vs Starfish Pool "Xc-Sweetwater"
07 Jean-Michel Jarre "Erosmachine"
08 Kashiwa Daisuke "Requiem"
09 Brian Eno "Landscape with Haze"
10 Dan The Automator "Bear Witness III (intro)"
11 Bill Laswell "Anubis"
12 Slotek "One"
13 Alex North "Night Terrors"
14 Autechre "Ccec"
15 David Morley "Aquarium"
16 The Orb "Oxbow Lakes"
17 Lumina Magica "Transmutations-Permutations

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