lundi 12 septembre 2011

Servietzki "In My Bag 2"

Servietzki is a young dj and producer from Nice, he likes to mix some original soundtracks to match his mood when he's cleaning up his home.
Here is his selection of good eclectic music (Electronica, Dub, Downtempo).
Download the mix here:

Marconi Union "Nightworker"
Jan Jelinek "Happening Tone (Live by Frank Bretschneider)"
Nicolas Jaar "Etre"
Ammoncontact "Omniverses 1"
Frivolous "Rising"
Molecule feat Martina Topley-Bird "Baby Girl 2014"
East Flatbush Project "Tried By 12 (Squarepusher mix)"
Dabrye "Hyped Up Plus Tax"
Michael Smith "Roots"
Kill Memory Crash "Doorway 9 (Richard Devine remix)"
Midwest Product "A Genuine Display (Telefon Tel Aviv remix)"
Caribou "Sun"

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