samedi 19 avril 2008

Debector "In My Bag 9"

Here is a selection of good eclectic music ( classical, electronic, downtempo, ambient, psychedelic rock, jazz electro, jazz).
Got your blotter ?? Now listen.
Listen & Download the mixtape here:

01 Samuel Barber "Adagio For Strings & Choir"
02 William Sheller "Introit"
03 Sofa Surfers "The Plan"
04 Serge Gainsbourg "En Melody"
05 The Oscillation "Visitation (Exit)"
06 A Mountain Of One "Warping Of The Clock"
07 1 Mile North "Return To From Where We Came"
08 Innerzone Orchestra "Basic Math"
09 Jaga Jazzist "Swedenborgske Rom"

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