dimanche 20 février 2011

Servietzki "In My Bag 1"

Servietzki is a young dj and producer from Nice, he just did a Miss Sunshine track remix which is gonna be released soon on Swap009.5 (Swaprecordings.com), check him out.
Here is his selection of good eclectic music (Electronica, Rock, Ambient), in a downtempo mood.
Download the mix here:

1-The Implicit Order "Murder In Homeroom"

2-Serge Gainsbourg "Cargo Culte"

3-Aphex Twin "Z Twig"

4-Jacques Higelin "Cigarette"

5-Alex Smoke "Left Drift"

6-SCSI9 "Moses' Tale" 

7-Margaret Dygas "You're In My Shoes"

8-Murcof "Memoria" 

9-Aparat "Circles" 

10-Universal Indicator "Green #10"

11-Radiohead "Feral" 

12-Sébastien Tellier "La Ritournelle"

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