jeudi 3 avril 2008

Debector "Get On The Disco Train"

Nu Disco & Disco Mix.
Kind of Paradise Garage tribute, throw away your social mask and get on the disco train to party and have fun !!
Download the mix here:

01 Escape From New York "Fire In My Heart" (Dub Version)
02 Axel Bauer "24 Hours Cargo" (Solo Less Redub)
03 Kathy Diamond "Between The Lines"
04 Sunny Place "Won (X-Mix)
05 Sly Mongoose "Bad Pulse"
06 Phantom Slasher "Lasagne For 10"
07 Sly Mongoose "Snakes And Ladder" (Rub N Tug remix)
08 Sylvester "I Need You" (Dim remix)
09 Faze Action "Stratus Energy"
10 Munich Machine "Get On The Funk Train" (Flying Squad edit)

2 commentaires:

Ben Blogs a dit…

pas mal tes petits mix ... bon axel bauer, t'exagères quand même ! ;-)


karl a dit…

very good mix
lovin your work