mercredi 8 avril 2009

Debector "Metropolis"

Mix of techno and drum & bass.
Welcome to Metropolis and feel the darkness of this futuristic city.
Download the mix here:

01 Heib "Diana Dies Tonight"
02 Bug vs Hawtin "Low Blow"
03 Chuck 'N Roll "Playing Dirty"
04 Special Forces "Freeway"
05 Justice "Mauve Flow"
06 Tango & Ratty "Train Track"
07 Phantom Ghost "Perfect Lovers" Superpitcher mix
08 Optumus Prime "Amen Slag"
09 Ebk "Vision"
10 Black Sun Empire "The Rat"
11 Future Prophecies "Acid City"
12 Chris Su "Undying"
13 The Martian "Cosmic Movement"

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