samedi 13 octobre 2007

Debector "Mindtrip"

Mix with minimal and acid house.
This is not a mindtrip, this is a body journey.
Download the mix here:

01 bugge wesseltoft "change"
02 housemeister "wake up" bpitch control
03 the shining "continuum" lovelife
04 mazi "the curve" brique rouge
05 digital south "spring" boxer sport
06 frank martiniq "adriano" mayer rmx boxer sport
07 air liquide "the club" rmx
08 ingo boss "transistor" cocoon
09 abe duque "what happened" abe duque
10 bobby konders "nervous acid" jay tripwire rmx
11 afrocadence "acidic mass"
12 luciano "artamis"

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Anonyme a dit…

Y a juste un moment que j'aime pas, c'est vers la fin quand ça s'arrete.