jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Debector "In My Bag 27"

Here is a selection of good eclectic music (Rock, Funk, Disco).
Listen & Download the mixtape here:

01 Jackson Jones "I Feel Good Put Your Pants On"
02 Bumblebee Unlimited "Ladybug (Ed Zone edit)
03 ESG "Moody (Spaced Out)"
04 Liquid Liquid "Cavern"
05 Rose Royce "R.R. Express (Alkalino edit)"
06 Unlimited Touch "I Hear Music In The Street"
07 Positive Force "We Got The Funk (JSki edit)"
08 Sylvester "Over and Over (Andras Fox edit)"
09 Johnny Pate "Shaft In Africa (Hawk edit)"
10 The Temptations "Law Of The Land"
11 5th Dimension "Let The Sunshine In (Iskra Disco! edit)"

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gregreg a dit…

tu es bon mon pote