jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Debector "The Prophecy"

Minimal, Tech House, Techno Mix.
French Riviera has some real talents, big up to my dudes Fen D'Arioto, Redj & Nicolas Masseyeff.
Listen to their new tracks through this mix.
Download the mix here:

01 Stefan Goldmann "Silt Trench"
02 Underground Sound Of Lisbon "So Get Up (Acapella)"
03 Grindvik "Drift (Inspiration Take I & II)"
04 Donnacha Costello "Black Bag Job (737)"
05 Fen D'Arioto "You Don't Know"
06 Redj "Control The Uncontrollable (Elon remix)"
07 Mr G "Custom Made (Josh Wink remix)"
08 Shonky "Odyssey"
09 Marc Romboy feat Chelonis R. Jones "Side FX"
10 Nicolas Masseyeff "Melancolie D'Avril"
11 Phoenix "Rise Up (D-Dub remix)"
12 Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno "Prophecy Theme"

3 commentaires:

Blackjoy a dit…

le lien de l'edit des Enfants de Harlem est ré activé!

Anonyme a dit…

hey man, great work! :) I wonder, are you a professional or just passionate about mixing and beautiful music? :)

Anonyme a dit…

I've been looking over your blog for some time now. it has some great sounds :) I love it.. it's helping expand my musical culture as well..
we share a passion, but on different levels.. I'm more minimal-techno-ish :)

take care! ;)