samedi 1 septembre 2012

Dj Estephe "Unexpected Moods (IMB1)"

Dj Estephe ( is a resident dj at La Reserve in Geneva, and a producer as Revivra (with his friend Vulzor), check their release "Lakeside Week-End" E.P. on famous G.A.M.M. label.
Listen to his selection of good eclectic music (Downtempo, Broken Beat, Jazz, Cool Funk).
Download the mix here:

1: Tape Five "Back In Time"
2: Ahmad Jamal " Stolen Moments"
3: Buddy Sativa "Saint Paulin"
4: Roy Ayers " End of Sugarman"
5: Billy Cobham "Amazon"
6: Maceo Parker "Dial Maceo"
7: Leon Ware "You Are The Way You Are"
8: Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orchestra "Do Drop In"
9: Nicolas Dri "Petit Intermède Liquide Estèphe Cut"
10: Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal "Mako Mady"
11: Byard Lancaster Vs Professeur Inlassable " Saint John Coltrane"
12: Hot Toddy "Soul Searching"
13: Buddy Sativa "Mario's Party Estèphe Re-touch"
14: 6th Borough Project "Let Yourself Go"
15: Roy Ayers "Vittroni's Theme Estèphe Edit"
16: Cloud "Jupiter Drift"
17: Doug Hammond "We People"
18: Gonzales "You Are"
19: Nick Drake "River Man"
20: Maurice Ravel "Ma Mère l'Oye"
21: Keith Mansfield "Life Of Leisure"
22: Kid Doremi "Love, Love, Love"
23: Tradition Erythrée "Unkown Spoken Words"
24: Dj Catalist aka Alister Johnson "Feelin"
25: Nathan Haines "Introducing"
26: Lambert, Hendrick & Ross "In A Mellow Tone"
27: Living Coulour "History Lesson"
28: Billy Cobham "Ozone Part.1"
29: Tradition Erythrée "Unknown"
30: Buddy Holly "Everyday"

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