jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Redj "Odusseùs"

I'm glad to welcome here my fellow Redj, the Swap netlabel ( co-founder.
This techno activist has always been inspired by minimalism, deep, dark and dubby atmospheres.
Download the mix here:

Miss Sunshine - UnMold (Tool)
L.B. Dub Corp - Lurchers Dub
Bryan Zentz & Let's Go Outside - Hethradia (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
Cio D´Or - Magnetfluss Remixe (Silent Servant remix)
Sigha - Finding Myself
Planetary Assault Systems - Wriss
Byetone - Opal
Deadbeat - Leviathan
Khz - Thrust
Jackmate & Move D - Sweet Heini
Samuli Kemppi - Filaments
The Black Dog - Dissident Bleep (Sandwell District Remix)
Alva Noto - Uni Rec 

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