vendredi 12 mars 2010

Debector "Groovin'"

Nu Disco & House Mix.
Download the mix here:

01 Daniel Wang "Glow Worms"
02 Massimiliano Pagliara "Beach Birds"
03 Barabass & The Happy Few "Luca Rossi"
04 Kathy Diamond "All Woman"
05 Crazy P "Stop Space Return"
06 Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw Cut #2"
07 Ron Trent "Jazz Funk Freedom"
08 Oleg Poliakov "Back To My Fear"
09 Funk Force Project "Groovin'"
10 Sessomato "Moody" (Joey Negro remix)
11 Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts "Raw"
12 I:Cube "Mingus In My Pocket"

2 commentaires:

maki a dit…

XtrA que du bonheur...

Anonyme a dit…

Nice house!! keep on grooving

Y avait autant de monde sur la photo à ton mix au club 54? héhéhé