lundi 2 février 2009

Debector "In My Bag 15"

Here is a selection of good eclectic music ( electronica, downtempo, broken beat, nu jazz, nu funk ).
Download the mix here:

01 Aphex Twin "Blue Calx"
02 A Guy Called Gerald "American Cars"
03 Deaf Center "Dial" Helios remix
04 Boards Of Canada "Kid For Today"
05 Air "Talisman"
06 Incognito "Out Of The Storm" C's Planet E special mix
07 Jazz Liberatorz "Clin D' Oeil"
08 Capitol A "In The Remix" Starship interpretation
09 One Self "Blue Bird"
10 Dj Mitsu The Beats "Untitled N° 9"
11 Kathy Diamond "All Woman"

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