vendredi 3 mai 2013

dj Seed "Semana Santa (IMB1)

We don't exactly know who is Seed: an extraterrestrial alien, a mutant escaped from a lsd experiments laboratory ? but who cares ?
This dude has a very personal universe, based on psychedelism, cosmic vibes, tribal trance and other experimental stuff which bring your mind so far away from home ( 

Listen to his selection of good eclectic music (Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic Rock).
Download the mix here:

Brian Eno • Lux 2
Raime • Soil And Colts
Slant Azymuth & Bruno Spoerri • Lilith
MIchael Chapman • Pachyderm (Rob A Remix)
Tropics Of Cancer • Wake The Night
Nova Scotian Arms • Emulsion
Vestals • Of Ripples
Majeure • Caribbean King
Follakzoid • Tree
Winter Drones • Watch Your Eyes
Date Palms • Honey Devash
Between • Happy Stage
Shrubbn • Echo 3I3
Zombi • Taurus

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