mercredi 8 août 2012

Ghini B & Long Haired Buddy "In My Bag 5"

For their first Selecta together, these two friends Ghini B ( and Long Haired Buddy ( wanted to make you dive in their psychedelic world where strange melodies, countless rhythm sections, and endlesses deep voices create somehow of a parallel interpretation of reality.
Open-minded listeners would enjoy these tunes (all from 1966 to 1977) digged out of their eclectic vinyl collection, a perfect hour for your late druggy sunday, lonely evening or some dark afterhour 
Rock music influenced their own path, sharing it appeared to be a necessity.

Download the mix here:

Playlist :
1) Dylan and The Dead: "Train"
2) Joplin and The Cheap Thrills: "Need a man to love"
3) Camel: "Nimrodel – The procession"
4) Moody Blues: "Legen Of a Mind"
5) The Byrds: "All I really want to do"
6) The Doors: "Blue Sunday"
7) Blues Magooes: "Life is just a cher o'bowlies"
8) Jimi Hendrix: "Little miss strange"
9) Can: "Spoon"
10) Rocky and The Thirteenth Floor Elevators: "You're gonna miss me"
11) Jefferson Airplane: "Today"
12) The Velvet Underground: "Foggy notion"
13) Eric Clapton: "Let it grow"
14) Pink Floyd: "Julia dream"
15) Television: "Marquee moon" 

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