jeudi 10 mai 2012

Topher "Get Off Your Acid"

Topher ( is a living underground legend, and i'm honored to be able to share with you a long awaited mix from the maestro.
This electronic activist has a wide range of sounds in his pocket but has decided here to drop some acid music.
Download the mix here:

D.H.S. - Acid-3D Remix (1993, Play It Again Sam Records)
Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 - My Computer Eats An Acid Trip (Dexter Remix) (2005, BPitch Control)
Hithouse - Blast Off (1989, ARS Productions)
Zombie Nation - Mystery Meat Affair (Shadow Dancer Remix) (2009, Turbo)
Exit "EEE" - Wheels Of Motion (1993, No Respect Records)
Bad Boy Bill - Acid Sexx (1988, International House Records)
The Doubtful Guest - Electrobotz (IJO Remix) (2007, unreleased)
Squarepusher - Schizm Track #2 Mix (1999, Warp Records)
Global Goon - Craehrzhd (2010, Balkan Vinyl)
Winx - Lumpy Oatmeal (1995, Sorted Records)
Public Energy - Three O' Three (1992, Probe Records)
Hardfloor - Brachalde Rontzdrate (1993, Harthouse)
S'Xpress - Music Lover (Heart Attack Mix) (1989, Capitol Records)
Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (Euphoric Acid) (1994, Choci's Chewns)
Ebo Man - Psycho Crazed Donuts With Buddah (1996, XL Recordings)
Odan - Laindon Link (2008, Net Lab)
D.J. Pierre - Box Energy (4 Remix 1 by AFX) (2005, Rephlex, unreleased)

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